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  • Approve (minutes from previous meeting)


  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair/scribe)
  • John Hatem
  • Bas van den Heuvel
  • Craig Newman
  • Emmanuel Helm
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Oliver Krauss
  • Reinhard Egelkraut
  • Vassil Peytchev
  • Brian Phinney

Minutes Approval


  • Emmanuel reported on their work using AuditEvent and Provenance to represent the execution of a workflow - expect their paper to be approved in late Sept.
  • Discussion topics:
    • How do we link events that don't happen during an encounter - e.g. booking an appointment?
      • At present no mechanism to group, but no clear need to group
    • Bas will file a change request for us to clarify whether 'instantiates' on a request means "please follow this protocol on execution" or "this request's existence is driven by this protocol"
    • Some question as to whether AuditEvent or Provenance is a better choice
      • belief that Provenance won't necessarily capture data access (check w/ Security)
      • Provenance history may be shared with a record, while AuditEvent won't
    • Future calls
      • No calls on 7th and 21st
      • Sept. 14th - regular workflow call (follow on for Contract discussion)
      • Sept 28th - next BPMN+ discussion
    • Discussion of whether to have a workflow session at the WGM
      • Probably not enough content
      • Will reach out to key work groups after to nudge them towards improved workflow documentation


15:00 Eastern