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  • Approve (minutes from previous meeting)


  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair/scribe)
  • Brian Phinney
  • Craig Newman
  • John Hatem
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Reinhard Egelkraut
  • Vadim Yelizarov
  • Victor Vaysman

Minutes Approval

Tracker Items

  • No new ones.  Lloyd will poke Eric about his outstanding issue

Review Product logical model

  • Jose has it working, but not yet committed
  • Not sure how to make it show up on the 'patterns' page
  • Ok with presenting at WGM quarter

WGM Agenda

  • Product pattern
  • Example Scenario - have a builder and need some examples
  • QA discussion - process for tightening up QA rules before R5
  • Messaging vs. Communication discussion and outcomes of connectathon


15:01 Eastern