This project will involve updating the existing Structured Data Capture (SDC) Implementation Guide. Specific objectives include:
- Aligning the implementation guide with the forthcoming R4 version of FHIR
- Updating profiles to reflect the experience of early implementers
- Migrating the implementation guide from U.S.-specific to international in scope by relaxing the only requirement that makes the implementation guide U.S.-specific
- Encourage feedback from early and potential future adopters including EHR vendors, payors and clinical research organizations through consultation and connectathons.
- Examine the feasibility and appropriateness of alignment with the SDC project managed by the IHE organization

NOTE: At present, the project does not include updating the companion Structured Data Capture – Data Element (SDC-DE) implementation guide as, thus far, no implementer has expressed interest and it’s not entirely clear that such implementers exist.

Calls are held on Thursdays at 17:00 Eastern:

Current CI Build of the Integration Guide is here:

Known Implementations

SDC Implementations


FHIR Structured Data Capture Minutes

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