Chair:  Mark Kramer

Scribe: Nick Freiter

Time: 9:00 AM ET



  • Update on converting breast radiology report IG to use FSH from Kurt Allen
    • Kurt Allen has developed mFSH, tooling that extends FSH in several ways, one of which involves using macros
  • Update on FSH 1.0 released
    • Once 10 remaining negative votes are withdrawn, we will be all set
  • Overview of Connectathon 25 FHIR Shorthand track
  • Discussion of new syntax for parameterized macros and soft indexing
  • Discussion of proposal to improve integration of SUSHI in the IG Publisher
    • The design is unclear on how this integration will handle pagecontent, specifically with reference to the numbering system that SUSHI allows

Meeting Recording and Slides

FHIR Shorthand Call-2020-08-13.mp4


10:00 AM ET

Next Meeting

Thursday 2020-09-10 at 9:00 AM ET