Chair:  Mark Kramer

Scribe: Nick Freiter

Time: 9:00 AM ET



  • Ballot reconciliation status update
  • Syntax for improving array indexing
  • Updates on tooling development (Web based SUSHI, Tool to convert JSON to FSH, new home for SUSHI documentation)
  • Discuss priority of future enhancements to FSH/SUSHI
    • Web based SUSHI - In progress
    • Tool to convert JSON to FSH - In progress
    • Support for smart slicing without explicit declaration of discriminator values - Several participants interested
    • Syntax for improving array indexing and specifying long paths - Several participants interested
    • Special syntax for ConceptMap - Some interest
    • Support for logical models - Some interest
    • Support for macro-like syntax with parameters - Sugested by Kurt Allen, it is possible this could eliminate the need for special syntax for resources like CapabilityStatement by reducing the repetition. We will need to investigate this, but the potential/generality is interesting

Meeting Recording

FHIR Shorthand Call-2020-07-09.mp4


10:02 AM ET

Next Meeting

Thursday 2020-08-13 at 9:00 AM ET