Chair:  Mark Kramer

Scribe: Nick Freiter

Time: 9:00 AM ET



  • Preview of Amsterdam FHIR DevDays Presentation with overview of FHIR Shorthand (FSH) for new participants
  • Discuss defining Code Systems
  • Approaches for allowing internationalization, the ability to easily translate an IG created by FSH to a new language


  • Code Systems
    • Richard - Are we planning on using terminology servers? Perhaps we need to support some sort of final validation mode that can be used more quickly/easily than the IG publisher, that will allow the user to validate against terminology servers.
    • Kurt - It could be a bad idea to automatically build in certain Aliases, like "SNO" for SNOMED. A better alternative could be allowing users to define these in their own file (so they don't have to be redefined), while also providing default files that the users can choose to use.
  • Internationalization
    • Kurt - Consider allowing the strings in FSH to be out-boarded to a file and then referenced within the FSH. This could allow for easier internationalization, and it allows for a string that may be commonly reused (like a copyright) to be reused by reference rather than by copy-paste.
  • In general we should put design questions on Zulip so more of the community can get involved.


10:00 AM ET

Next Meeting

Thursday 2019-11-14 at 9:00 AM ET