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  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair)
  • Rick Geimer (scribe)
  • Rob Hausam
  • Giorgio Cangioli
  • Ewout Kramer
  • Grahame Grieve
  • Ward Weistra
  • Alexander Zautke
  • Bas van den Huevel
  • Bryn Rhodes
  • Eric Haas
  • Gino Canessa
  • Jeff Brown 
  • Jeff Danford

Minutes Approval

FAIRness for FAIR Project (Giorgio Cangioli)

  • Giorgio gave an overview presentation on the FAIR project.
  • FAIRness for FHIR (FHIR4FAIR)
  • Reviewed the PSS 
  • Discussed whether this should be an informative, STU, or comment-only ballot. Decided on STU. 
  • Motion for FHIR-I to be an interested party: Rick Geimer/Ward Weistra: 12-0-0

Submission of NIB for Subscriptions Backport IG (Eric Haas)

  • Eric has not created one because he is no longer a co-chair thus does not have access. 
  • Need to have Lynn add the project insight number for this to the NIB page
  • Will revisit and potentially vote on this next week. 

Slicing non-repeating elements to define a choice (Alexander Zautke Robert Hausam )

Tracker Items

FHIR-28557 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Moved to Clinical Decision Support WG


Action Items

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