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  • SMART Web Messaging PSS (Carl)
  • Subscriptions vs Notification (Eric)
  • Tracker Item


  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair)
  • Yunwei Wang (scribe)
  • Brian Phinney
  • Carl Anderson
  • Eric Haas (dropped at 16:19)
  • Gina Canessa
  • Grahame Grieve
  • Jeff Brown (dropped at 15:47)
  • Marten Smits
  • Doug Pratt (dropped at 15:58)
  • Josh Mandel (joined at 16:33)

Approval Previous Meeting Notes

  • Motion to approve FHIR Infrastructure Minutes CC 20191223 - Yunwei Wang/Gino Canessa: 8-0-0

SMART Web Messaging PSS

  • Carl Anderson brought this PSS to conference agenda
  • Lloyd: Assume the intension is to bring this ballot to Normative
  • Carl: May (maybe)
  • Lloyd: Then should change PSS type to "STU to normative"
  • Lloyd: Do we agree if this is for FHIR-I to sponsor?
  • Carl: move FHIR-I to sponsor
  • Jeff: second
  • Motion passed 9-0-0

Subscription vs Unsolicited Notification

  • Eric Haas brought this discussion to agenda
  • Eric presented feedback from CMS connectathon
  • Differences:
    • Subscription has recipient list
    • Subscription has trigger definition
    • Subscription has payload/history bundle. Notification has payload/message bundle
    • Subscription has channels of RestHook, WebSockets, emails, Messaging. Notification has channels of Messaging only
  • Unsolicited Notifications only send full bundles of information
  • Subscription is R5 with FMM0
    • Gino: Representing a payload of >1 resource was pushed back by vendors
  • Assumption: Only one way to transmit notification bundle.
    • Gino: Someone receiving are likely receiving both and confused why
    • Grahame: Vendor could choose one presentation over the other
    • Grahame: Messaging and Notification are for different context.
    • Eric: The main reason is to create a framework for simple use case 
    • Eric: Is there always single way?
  • Proposals: May combine Subscription with Unsolicited Notifications
    • Option: Use MH for naked Subscription notifications and message bundle for full resources.
  • Eric: big question is if we want to make single way to do this.
  • Lloyd: What do we do from here? create CR or connectathon
  • Eric: establish if there should be only one way.
  • Gino: related to Subscription redesign
  • Gino: take back to Argonaut. Will decide if there's alignment needed.
  • Lloyd: Is security considered when align Subscription with Notification?
  • Gino: Lots of security discussion. Giving long life span of Subscription, a security guidance is suggested/considered.
  • Lloyd: When would be the next time to discuss?
  • Gino: Will draft document for apple-to-apple comparison.

Tracker Items

FHIR-18445 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Skip

FHIR-25392 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Lloyd: Not happening b/c right now it is string
  • Lloyd: Is it a significant problem?
  • Grahame: Every place in IG publisher to handle constraints need to change to deal with HTML. It would be problematic to deal with multi paragraphs with HTML/markdown.
  • Lloyd: Not suggested to embed HTML into markdown. Rendering markdown could improve readability
  • Lloyd: Include text rule that HTML should not be used in markdown?
  • Grahame: IG publisher then need to handle multi-paragraph and tables and paragraph in table, etc, as well.
  • Will update IG publisher to support markdown extension.
  • Not Persuasive with Mod. Grahame/Marten: 7-0-0

FHIR-25439 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Grahame: is where to download/buy software.
  • Lloyd: Don't know how often this is going to be used
  • Gino: How is this different from implementation.url?
  • Lloyd: implementation.url is where the server runs. software.url is where you can download server software and run yourself.
  • Grahame: This can be used to populate OpenAPI/Swagger
    • OpenAPI can populate with instance.url
  • Not persuasive. Grahame/Yunwei: 6-0-0

FHIR-25440 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Grahame: This is special case of CDA. And this need to be in core spec
  • Persuasive. Grahame/Marten: 6-0-0

FHIR-25423 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Grahame: Which package.json
  • Lloyd: CI build?
  • Grahame: need to find where this package.json is.
  • Assign to Nick for more input.

FHIR-25428 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Lloyd: This is in groupings template
  • Persuasive. Grahame/Josh: 7-0-0

FHIR-25430 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Grahame: This makes sense.
  • Persuasive. Grahame/Marten: 7-0-0

FHIR-25431 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Lloyd: Using "data type"
  • Will auto approve

FHIR-25450 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Lloyd: Change to technical correction. Core-tooling

FHIR-25443 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Autocorrection

FHIR-25441 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Change to technical correction, core-tooling

FHIR-25424 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Grahame: This is a validator problem 
  • Lloyd: change to techinical correction, core-tooling

FHIR-25420 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Change to technical correction

FHIR-25404 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Grahame: Add some narrative to business identifiers.
  • Persuasive with Mod. Grahame/Yunwei: 7-0-0


5:00 pm ET

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