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  • Patient Administration

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

Prescription (or Ordering) of Vision products and services Humans and Animals across All Healthcare Disciplines in All Care Settings and All Regions. The VisionPrescription resource indicates what was authorized but is not, in itself, a request for action. To request fulfilment of a prescription use the Order resource to initiate the request.

RIM scope


Resource appropriateness

Vision Prescription is one of the core steps of use of Vision products, another being Dispensing (or Supply). In many settings the steps are performed by separate people, and are frequently recorded by separate software systems. Prescription records are a core part of knowing what products a patient is supposed to receive - having a standard format for this is essential. There is a well established set of attributes that are always required.

Expected implementations

This is a key resource expected by most Healthcare billing implementations where Health care products and services are provided.

Content sources

Existing normative V3 and V2 specifications, Canadian Specifications, X12

Example Scenarios

Resource Relationships

Refers to Patient, Practitioner, Organization. Is referred to by a VisionClaim. Perhaps in the future will be referred by an Order for the actual fulfillment of the prescription and a VisionDispense for the result of the fulfillment.


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