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Owning committee name

Vocabulary (Temporarily owned by FHIR Core)

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

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Scope of coverage

Value set allows definition of an allowed set of values for any coded element. It also supports the on-the-fly definition of code systems from which the content of those allowed values can be drawn. Finally, it supports operations converting expression-based definitions of sets of codes into enumerated lists. It includes support for all types of code systems - local and "standard", pre and post-coordinated, finite and infinite.

RIM scope

ValueSet is outside the RIM's scope, though the elements for a given code partially map to the ISO CD data type. Value Sets are more appropriately mapped to the MIF.

Resource appropriateness

Shared value sets are essential to healthcare interoperability. They have been in use within HL7 since v2 (though known as tables) and are a key part of HL7 v3. Each value set is maintained indepenendently and has its own id which applies whether dealing with the expanded or unexpanded version of the value set.

Expected implementations

Content sources

  • HL7 v3 MIF
  • CTS 2
  • CDISC code lists


All the value sets defined for the resources themselves should provide a sufficient set.

Resource Relationships

Value Sets can include other ValueSet instances. ValueSets are referenced by Profiles. On occasion, a Coding might choose to reference the ValueSet (or expanded value set) it was drawn from via an extension.


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