Notice: As of release 5.6.118, the core libraries use the fhir-settings.json file. This page is kept as a reference for previous versions.

When executing the FHIR Java Tools, the code occasionally needs to know the locations of local supporting tools. 

These may be provided by setting environment variables (e.g. system path) and sometimes this happens automatically. But this doesn't always happen, and sometimes the right environment variables are not passed to the tool. If this happens, then the file fhir-tool-settings file can provide these settings.

Location of the fhir-tool-settings file:

  • Windows: c:\users\<username>\.fhir\fhir-tool-settings.conf
  • Unix/Linux: /~/.fhir/fhir-tool-settings.conf

The format of the file is a windows ini file:


The details of the entries depend on how the software was installed etc


npmThe location of the npm executable so that sushi can be run. You can generally get this directory from the system path in your shell of choice
rubyThe location of the ruby+gem executables so that Jekyll can be run. This typically requires more than one path. You can generally get the directories from the system path in your shell of choice
testsYour local copy of the repository. Only needed if you are running the tests locally, and want to change the tests and run them before committing new/changed tests
comparethe source of the visual comparison application used to compare failing comparison tests. if no compare tool is specified, no visual comparison will be shown

The location to use for temporary files. If nothing is specified, the system default temporary directory will be used.

OSX Note: the system default directory misbehaves in some ways that I haven't pinned down, so setting this is recommended in OSX

test-igsThe root of the folder that contains the test Its (see below)
serverThe local root for the repository (for pascal development only)
markdownThe local root for the repository (for pascal development only)
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