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Profile Details

Parent Resource

NOTE: These will be shared by the proposed profile USLabResults as well

Constraints to be Applied

  • Various constraints upon Cardinality,type and Invarients and "must support" based upon implementation guides referenced below in Scope of Coverage and Example Scenarios.
  • Binding to LOINC codes for "Ask at Order" entry questions
  • Binding to SNOMED CT for Specimen type, source, collection procedure.
  • Binding to UCUM for units of measure
  • Introduction, conventions, scope, notes and various other sections under Implementation

Extensions to be Applied

  • US Profile (existing)
  • Unknown

Example Scenarios

Scope of coverage

  • US Realm
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Based upon existing regulatory requirements for Laboratories and Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR-S) for ordering clinical laboratory results
  • Based upon current and developing S&I and HL7 v2 Laboratory Orders Interface Guide (see link above)
  • Based upon current release of the Lab Order Conceptual Specification


Owning committee name

  • Orders and Observations (OO)

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

  • Public Health and Emergency Response (PHER)

Expected implementations

  • TBD

gForge Users

  • Eric Haas
  • Rob Hausam
  • Hans Buitendijk
  • Rik Smithies

FHIR Profile Development Project Insight ID

  • Number 1068 Lab Order Logical Specification R1 (application to FHIR)



  • December 1 2014

Balloting Requirements

Choose one:

  • Ballot with next FHIR DSTU or Normative Edition

Desired Ballot Date

  • January 2015