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Orders and Observations (for now?)

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Patient Administration

Patient Care


FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID:

Scope of coverage:

  • Considering whether Event needs to be explicit in the name of the resource?
    • Probably a "TransportRequest" resource is not needed - could use ServiceRequest instead.
  • Is OO the best owning WG?  Consider PA or FHIR-I?
    • OO does own Task
      • Task may be a "template" to use to start from
    • And this is needed for Lab
  • Transport conditions
    • Observation(s) - link to TransportEvent
  • Required elements
    • Start with the Event Pattern
    • From Specimen DAM:
      • description
      • statusCode
      • moveDateTime
      • referencedProtocolDeviation (ReasonCode)
      • referencedProtocolDeviation (Type)
      • fromEntity
      • toEntity
      • placedIntoElementIdentifier
      • takenFromElementIdentifier
      • expectedHandlingCondition
      • temperature

  • Transport history
    • Encounter.location transitions (how did they come to be? - triggers)
  • Cross-walk with SET, LDA on IHE  

Use Cases (transport of material objects - not data)

  • The overarching need for it to be event request/monitoring in addition to documentation 
  • Specimen transport in/between/into lab(s)...split these intra-lab and inter-lab 
    • Use SET for intra-lab 
      • within an institution, within a single lab 
      • Data questions
        • Where is something? 
        • Who moved it? 
        • Why? 
    • Inter-lab 
      • same institution, across two labs 
      • across labs between institutions 
      • what data is needed?
        • specimen ID 
        • sender
        • task owner 
        • receiver
        • task ID 
        • transport conditions 
        • move history 
      • one entity owns the move (lab or 3rd party) 
  • Patient transport
  • Supply (meds, DME, etc.) we need to split this? Patient-assigned vs. simple storage. 
  • Boundary question between clinical tasks vs. supply chain inventory (GS1?) 
  • Documentation of move events

Background information:

Specimen transport – as described in Specimen DAM (use case #8 – Specimen Event Tracking ) Patient transport

FHIR Workflow Minutes CC 20200803

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Resource appropriateness:

Expected implementations:

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