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Owning committee name

FHIR Infrastructure (FHIR-I)

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

Conformance_and_Guidance_for_Implementation/Testing (CGIT)

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

The TestScript resource is an infrastructure resource used to define software tests that can be executed on one or more FHIR servers (and possibly clients). It includes definitions of data, setup, teardown, testing actions and expected results. The scope is limited to testing FHIR conformance-related behavior and does not apply to general user interface testing nor tests related to other standards

RIM scope

N/A - This resource operates outside of the space covered by the RIM as "meta" information about FHIR-conformant systems.

Resource appropriateness

The notion of "test scripts" is well understood. Formal test scripts have been used to drive IHE testing of HL7 interfaces as well as CDA systems. Test scripts may be created in a package but each is distinctly maintainable. There is considerable interest in being able to define test scripts for inclusion as part of implementation guides and for use in supporting certification testing of FHIR interfaces. The current size of the resource is approximately 60 data elements, however this larger size is consistent with many of the "conformance" resources.

Expected implementations

This resource will be used in FHIR connectathons, as part of HL7 certification processes, within IHE certification tooling and by affiliates, implementers and other groups seeing to verify system conformance

Content sources

MIF, IHE test tooling, HL7 CDA certification tooling

Example Scenarios

  • Test system against an implementation guide
  • Test system for compliance with a set of RFP requirements

Resource Relationships

  • Part of FHIR ImplementationGuides
  • References StructureDefinitions to define the expected contents of inbound and outbound resources
  • Relies on example/test instances of all resources as part of the testing process
  • Verifies alignment of a system with its stated Conformance resource.


This is a core resource that is part of DSTU 2

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