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Committee Approval Date:

[This was approved on the Vocab WG Co-chairs call on 10/26/2022.  A formal vote was not taken.  If a formal vote of the WG is required, that can be done on the next Main Vocab WG call on Nov 3.]

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups:


FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID:

pending - we are requesting that project 1247 be re-activated for this

Scope of coverage:

A TerminologyCapabilities resource documents a set of capabilities (behaviors) of a FHIR Terminology Server that may be used as a statement of actual server functionality or a statement of required or desired server implementation.

RIM scope:

There is no equivalent functionality in the RIM (beyond probably a basic Act class).  A detailed RIM mapping is most likely not applicable.

[Note: There also does not seem to be a resource proposal for CapabilityStatement, which would have some similar considerations.]

Resource appropriateness:

The TerminologyCapabilities resource provides for a terminology server to describe how the underlying terminology service works.

It has been proposed and balloted for the upcoming FHIR R5 STU release that a "FHIR Terminology Service" must provide the functionality described here, which includes the ability of the server to return the TerminologyCapabilities resource that applies to the Terminology Service that being provided, using the capabilities interaction as:

 GET [base]/metadata?mode=terminology
This will return the TerminologyCapabilities resource that applies to the service itself.

Expected implementations:

FHIR Terminology servers

FHIR terminology service clients that desire to obtain and utilize the Terminology Service capabilities, as returned by the capabilities interaction with 'mode=terminology'.

Content sources:


Example Scenarios:

See the examples in the proposed FHIR R5 specification as documented here.

Resource Relationships:

See the documentation in the proposed FHIR R5 specification here.

Resource Boundaries:

See the linked documentation above in "Resource Relationships".


The TerminologyCapabilities resource is included the FHIR specification, both in R4/R4B (as draft - FMM 0) and the proposed R5 (FMM 1).

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When Resource Proposal Is Complete:

When you have completed your proposal, please send an email to

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