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Owning committee name

Orders & Observations WG

Committee Approval Date:

Please enter the date that the committee approved this Resource proposal 8/4/2016 (OO call)

Interested Work Groups

  • Pharmacy
  • Devices
  • Patient Care
  • HSI

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

The SupplyDelivery resource records the actual movement of items within healthcare institutions, or between institutions and external suppliers. It is the 'event' resource in response to the SupplyRequest request. This resource is addresses the logistics of supply movement and is therefore not associated with a patient nor has patient specific instructions. The DeviceUseStatement or MedicationDispense would be used for patient specific "events".

RIM scope

  • Role: Supply (classCode=SPLY, moodCode=EVN ?)

Resource appropriateness

Resource to record the delivery of materials, devices, medications etc to the patient's room, ward, central supply etc are necessary for the tracking of devices, substance and medications in healthcare.

Expected implementations

  • Required for CCDA
  • Record delivery of devices, substance and medications when context is generic -i.e. not tied to a specific patient record.
  • Track the distribution of items across the chain
  • The SupplyRequest is the counterpart to SupplyDelivery although there may be a SupplyDelivery without a SupplyRequest ( For example, unrequested delivery)

Content sources

  • HL7 v3 Pharmacy Standard
  • HL7 v2.x
  • HL7 v3 Diet and Nutrition DAM
  • IHE Pharmacy(PHARM) White Paper, Supply of Products for Healthcare

Example Scenarios

  • Central supply at Acme Hospital resupply floor stock.
  • Placement of a device in consignment at the OR
  • Delivering unwanted items back to the pharmacy
  • Delivering items from the external supplier to the pharmacy warehouse

Resource Relationships

  • Task
  • SupplyRequest
  • Medication
  • Device
  • Substance


  • STU3 Ballot

gForge Users

  • Eric Haas
  • Patrick Loyd
  • Jose Costa Teixeira


  1. RIM mappings needs completion and review (part of QA)
  2. Should look at IHE, NCPDP, probably OpenEHR (part of QA)