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Owning committee name


Committee Approval Date:

FHIR-I: 2016-03-07

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

  • ITS
  • SD
  • MnM

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

This resource will define an executable mapping from one structure to another, that can be executed by an processor that will convert instances of data from the source structure definition to the target structure definition. The scope of this resource is conversion from any structure that can be defined using a structure definition resource to any other structure. This includes resources and data types, and also logical models.

As an infrastructure resource, subject/discipline/delivery/locale are all not related. The scope of the resource is the challenges encountered when specifying and executing a transformation between two instances of data with different structures.

RIM scope

Out of scope for the RIM

Resource appropriateness

  • Mapping is a well understood concept that occurs ubiquitously throughout the implementation space
  • Maps are maintained in an ongoing fashion, and can be shared/searched etc
  • Mapping BOF at Orlando meeting established a clear desire for a trading eco-system around executable maps
  • expected to contain around 20-25 elements

Expected implementations

  • Ken Lord's MDMI tool
  • FHIR Build tool
  • Trifolia

Others will be expected

Content sources

OMG mapping specifications:

  • MDMI
  • QVT
  • requirements from the Mapping BOF
  • requirements as discovered in (C)CDA/FHIR Mapping projects (incl Argonaut)

Example Scenarios

Resource Relationships

The StructureMap resource Will depend on having structure definitions, but it's possible to use it without them, if there's no reference to types. The StructureMap resource will depend on the engine having access to a terminology server, and will make implicit references to value sets and concept maps The StructureMap resource differs from the ConceptMap resource in the ConceptMap resource describes mappings between concepts without considering the details of instance management, value domain space and external content dependencies


Draft for Montreal connectathon, then part of DSTU3

gForge Users


When Resource Proposal Is Complete

When you have completed your proposal, please send an email to