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Publication Request

Trial Use period requested for STU e.g.: One year, or other up to two years maximum (please specify)
According to GOM, Extending the Trial Use Period
Maximum 2 years
Describe the review process that was followed (peer review, wiki, comment ballot)
24. Results of that ballot (following reconciliation activities):

(not needed for errata, STU extension, or unballoted STU update)

i.e. the group or individuals endorsing this product brief information and the date the endorsement was approved

Product Brief

e.g. the standard to which an implementation guide applies
(e.g. is this a STU update, or is there an R1 specification which an R2 publication updates or replaces) – Please specify if this publication has a replacement, supplemental or addendum relationship to a prior standard or STU:
Please specify if the publication is known by a common name internally to the Work Group or a specific search term/acronym should be provided to help users find the product.
This is typically a short paragraph summarizing the use and intent of the standard, such as would be found in an overview paragraph in the published specification.

These are categories of potential users, implementers, or other interested parties such as those that are indicated on the Project Scope Statement under “Stakeholders/Vendors/Providers”. Select those that are applicable, or suggest others:

This section will describe the benefits the standard or its implementation provides to healthcare, information technology, interoperability and the like. This section is often difficult to compose and will require careful editing by the review group(s). Please create phrases such as "Creates..." "Enables..." "Supports..."
This section would identify the known implementers of the standard, production or STU implementers, or any known adopters of the specification. Agencies or other organizations that sponsored the development of the specification could be listed here. • Organization A (Product B - optional) • Organization C (Product or program D)
This section may be used for additional important information beyond the short summary in the Description, such as would be found in an Introduction section, in the published specification.