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Archived Proposals found here: Resource Proposals on the Wiki

Also see profile proposals and implementation guide proposals.

Proposals are subject to a FHIR Resource Governance Process that will determine whether the proposal is accepted. Acceptance will result in the creation of the necessary starter files in the FHIR SVN project, as well as gForge access for the identified participants.

Note that the proposal represents a 'point in time' description of the resource/profile/IG - it is accurate at the time that the proposal was created, but subsequently the details may change as the committee develops the artifact. The FHIR specification is the single source of truth for the current contents of any resource.

The below categories are used for overview of the approval process and general viewing. During the approval process applicable labels will be added/removed.

The label categories are as follows: fhir-resource-proposal-pending, fhir-resource-proposal-approved, fhir-resource-proposal-retracted, fhir-resource-proposal-zombie

Resource Proposals by Category

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Resource Proposals

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