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Scope of coverage

Covers persons involved in healthcare, but that are not the target of healthcare, nor have a formal responsibility in the care process. Typically these are friends, relatives or others with a personal or non-healthcare-specific professional relationship to the patient (e.g. attorney, guardian, etc.). For animal patients, relationships might include owner, trainer, etc.

RIM scope


Resource appropriateness

These persons are of interest because they may have responsibility for healthcare decisions, require notification of healthcare events or be responsible for the capture of reporting of healthcare information, however the information to be captured and tracked about these persons differs from that typically recorded for Patients or Practitioners. Commonly captured using "next of kin" and similar structures

Expected implementations

A subset of health information systems that keep track of identified related persons. Required by several resources used within CCDA

Content sources

ROL, NK1 in v2, RelatedPerson in v3, possibly also affiliate specifications, OpenEHR

Example Scenarios

  • A patient's wife or husband
  • A contact for a patient or organization
  • A neighbour bringing a patient to the hospital
  • Owner of a horse

Resource Relationships



Considered for the sept 2013 DSTU ballot, but might be delayed until after that.

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  • Adjusted scope and rationale a bit, added one example