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  • DW - V2 - to - FHIR Message Bundle?  or V2 - to - FHIR REST operation?
  • DW - Should V2 – to – FHIR translation indicate snapshot vs. update mode?  Does this depend on FHIR Messaging vs. REST?  See
  • dh - in general differentiate between 'structural' mapping (like convert of an ADT^A01 to Patient / Encounter / AllergyIntolerance etc) to 'behavioural' mapping - ie what to do with pre-existing allergies from a facility / app when an ADT^A08 is received
  • dh - Given that there is a lot of variability in implementations, could there be a 'checklist' of questions to ask, and the impact on behaviour.
    • eg can we assume that all messages from a facility (irrespective of application) are behaving as a snapshot - ie a complete list of data.
    • or in which messages from a facility / app should the PID segment overwrite the patient details - eg ADT messages from a PAS, but not ORU from a Lab
  • dh Standard ConceptMaps for specific elements - eg encounter class, patient gender, Identifier type
  • dh - define standard extensions (with committees) for v2 fields 
  • dh - prioritize resources - eg start with Patient
  • DW - standardized segment mapping specification format (e.g., mapping pages on Confluence) for reliable conversion to machine-readable translations
  • dh patterns for use of provenance  - eg PID-33 (last updated) + query patterns on a registry - eg used of _revinclude
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