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Modelling and Methodology

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Scope of coverage

Provenance refers to the sources of information, such as entities and processes, involved in producing or delivering an artifact. The provenance of information is crucial in deciding whether information is to be trusted, how it should be integrated with other diverse information sources, and how to give credit to its originators when reusing it.

In some scenarios the provenance resource is unnecessary as the resource itself contains the required 'background' information - such as author, time of recording etc. However, any resource can be associated with a provenance if required (though note that the relation is from the provenance to the resource and not the other way around 0 except in the case of the DocumentRoot resource)

RIM scope

The provenance resource is based on known practices in the HL7 implementation space, particularly those found in the v2 EVN segment, the v3 ControlAct Wrapper, and the CDA header.

Resource appropriateness

Provenance is used by Security, Privacy, Medical Records, Medical Ethics, and good documentation practices.

Expected implementations

The Provenance resource is expected to be used to prove Integrity, Authenticity, and to give credit when sighting a resource content.

Content sources

The conceptual model underlying the design is the W3C Provenance Specification. Though the content and format of the resource is designed to meet specific requirements for FHIR, all the parts of the resource are formally mapped to the PROV-O specification, and FHIR resources can be transformed to their W3C PROV equivalent.

Example Scenarios

Access Control decisions based on Integrity assertions of the resource Access Control decisions based on the Privacy policy including restricted rules on source of resource Medical Records regulations proof of authorship of a resource Medical Ethics decisions based on proof of authorship and integrity of a resource

Resource Relationships

All resources may/should/shall have a Provenance resource

Note that there is no link from a provenance resource to the resource/s it describes. They need to be queried separately.



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