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Clinical Quality Information Work Group

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Scope of coverage

Procedure Request is a record of a request for a procedure to be performed. It can be used to represent a procedure that is planned, that is proposed, or that is ordered.

The procedure request may represent an order that is entered by a practitioner in a CPOE system as well as a proposal made by a clinical decision support (CDS) system based on a patient's clinical record and context of care. Planned procedures may also be represented by this resource.

  • Subject: Human and non-human living and non-living (e.g., a human patient, a veterinary patient, ground water testing)
  • Disciplines: Cross discipline
  • Delivery environment: Clinical Decision Support
  • Locale: International Realm

RIM scope

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Resource appropriateness


  • Represents a request for a procedure and captures the following modalities: Recommended, Planned, Proposed, Ordered
  • ProcedureRequests can be tracked with distinct, reliable, unique ids
  • Procedure requests are common outputs to Clinical Decision Support systems and are also often included in care plans.


  • In order to achieve interoperability of exchange of clinical knowledge artifacts or clinical guidance, a common core definition of ProcedureRequest is required.

Expected implementations

  • Clinical Decision Support Systems
  • Quality Improvement Platforms

Content sources


Example Scenarios

A CDS system receives as input relevant information pertaining to the patient's medical record and context of care. Based on the input received by the CDS system recommends a particular procedure be performed.

Resource Relationships

  • Procedure (that resulted from the request)
  • Observation (pertinent to the decision to propose the procedure)
  • Condition (pertinent to the decision to propose the procedure)
  • Other relevant clinical statements pertinent to the decision to propose the procedure
  • BodySite
  • Performer of the procedure
  • Subject (generally the patient)

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