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Committee Approval Date

14 Feb 2017

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

Practitioners often do not just work at a single location or organization or for a single role, and have differing availabilities and contact information at these places. This resource captures this information.

This does not cover teams or groups.

Commonly, a Practitioner performs different roles within the same or even different organizations. Qualifications are stored on the Practitioner (as they have the qualificaitons) and the PractitionerRole covers what the person is authorized to do at which organizations. Note that the represented organization need not necessarily be the (direct) employer of a Practitioner.

RIM scope


Resource appropriateness

Systems must track which persons are involved in giving care. In addition to normal information about the person involved, this also includes information about the person's role as a professional care giver, like qualifications. This resource provides the details of these roles.

Expected implementations

This resources is expected to be implemented in most, if not all, hospital information systems, and also Healthcare directory systems where sharing of directory information is required.

Content sources

None beyond the standard list.

Example Scenarios

  • A surgeon working at several locations
  • A nurse with different roles at different locations
  • A physiotherapist with different contact information at different organizations (public and private clinic)

Resource Relationships

Practitioner, Location, Organization, HealthcareService, Endpoint, Schedule


for STU3 (resource exists and has been tested at several connectathons - inside and outside HL7).

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