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Financial Management

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PA Approval on 10/24/2018 Riki Merrick/Kathleen Connor:4-0-0

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Patient Administration

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Scope of coverage[edit | edit source]

This resource provides the ability to accurately track the different payment and adjustment transactions toward balances on an account.

RIM scope[edit | edit source]

Resource appropriateness[edit | edit source]

Tracking financial information is vital in Patient Accounting and Patient Administration systems in many Healthcare Organizations. This resource provides the ability to accurately track the different payments and adjustments toward balances on the account. ChargeItems (can) result in an increase in the balance on an Account. We now need a method to pay down that balance (i.e. post payments).

Expected implementations[edit | edit source]

  • Any solution that tracks financial accounting, payment, and billing information
  • Patient apps that support self-pay payments
  • Patient apps that show how a current balance was calculated
  • Interested parties: Cerner, payment processors, healthcare providers, healthcare systems.

Content sources[edit | edit source]

Existing normative V3 and V2 specifications

Example Scenarios[edit | edit source]

  • Patient online bill pay payments
  • Point of service payments for co-pays
  • Back office collection payments over the phone or mail
  • Lockbox payments

Resource Relationships[edit | edit source]

Reference to:

  • Account
  • Encounter
  • ChargeItem
  • Claim
  • Patient|Group|RelatedPerson (subject)

Referenced by:

  • Payment

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When you have completed your proposal, please send an email to

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