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Owning committee name

FHIR Core Team But: OO will have eventual responsibility and has filled out the paperwork

Interested Work Groups

  • Anatomic Pathology
  • Clinical Genomics
  • Imaging Integration
  • Public Health and Emergency Response
  • Pharmacy

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID

<not sure - this is a core team resource - what is the project insight ID for that?> 952

Scope of coverage

The response to an order indicates the outcome of processing the order itself - whether it was accepted or rejected, or is still in process. The order response resource does not itself convey or represent information that arises as a result of performing the actual order, but it may have references to other resources that do have this information in order to link between the original order and its outcome.

There may be multiple responses for a given order. For some requests, a responding system may issue a sequence of responses, where each response replaces previous responses as the original order is processed/performed. In these cases, each response should have the same logical identity, and the multiple responses are different versions of the same overall response.

If there are multiple systems responding to the request, or if there request may have multiple different responses, then the different logical responses should have different logical ids.

RIM scope

ActClass = ACTN MoodCode = EVN

Resource appropriateness

The general pattern of request/response is essential for satisfying many workflow use-cases. The concept is supported by the EVN and ORC segments in R2 and by the ControlAct response wrappers in v3.

Expected implementations

Used in some queries, pharmacy & lab fulfillment and other workflow scenarios

Content sources

  • HL7 v2.x (ORC, EVN)
  • HL7 v3 (Control Act response wrappers)
  • OpenEHR?

Example Scenarios

Resource Relationships

  • Order
  • DiagnosticOrder
  • MedicationDispense
  • MedicationPrescription
  • Specimen
  • Substance
  • Supply
  • ImagingStudy


  • Vote by WG (Ready for ballot): July 2013
  • Ballot: September 2013

gForge Users

  • Patrick Loyd
  • Lorraine Constable


  • Modified RIM mapping and a few other things
  • Need example scenarios