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Owning committee name

FHIR Core Team But: OO will have eventual responsibility and has filled out the paperwork

Interested Work Groups

  • Anatomic Pathology
  • Clinical Genomics
  • Imaging Integration
  • Public Health and Emergency Response
  • Pharmacy

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

An order resource describes a request for an action be performed. An order is expected to lead to one or more responses that describe the outcome of processing/handling the order. The order resource is focused on the process of actually requesting an action be performed; the actual action to be performed is detailed in a separate resource that contains the details. Note that orders are often called "requests", but this name is not used here since the word "request" is used differently elsewhere in this specification.

Note that there are a variety of processes associated with making and processing orders. Some orders may be handled immediately by automated systems but most require real world actions by one or more humans. Some orders can only be processed when other real world actions happen, such as a patient actually presenting themselves so that the action to be performed. Often these real world dependencies are only implicit in the order details.

Several resources including CarePlan, DiagnosticOrder and MedicationPrescription represent requests, intentions or authorizations for some sort of activity to occur. However, these resources don't specifically direct the fulfilment of the order. I.e. they indicate what the clinician intends to happen, but don't actually initiate the workflow. The Order resource is used to initiate and manage the workflow.

RIM scope

Act (classCode=ACTN, moodCode=RQO)

Resource appropriateness

Workflow is key to real-world processes, including in healthcare. While simple workflows can be handled via messaging events, more sophisticated workflows, particularly those requiring human action need to be persisted as resources.

Example Scenarios

Expected implementations


Content sources

  • HL7 v3 ControlAct wrapper
  • HL7 v2.x EVN/ORC

Resource Relationships

  • OrderResponse
  • DiagnosticOrder
  • Specimen
  • Substance
  • Supply
  • ImagingStudy


  • Vote by WG (Ready for ballot): July 2013
  • Ballot: September 2013

gForge Users

  • Patrick Loyd
  • Lorraine Constable


  • Added to the scope. Make sure you're comfortable with the changes
  • Revamped RIM mapping - make sure you're ok with that too
  • Fixed copy paste in resource appropriateness
  • Need to add in example scenarios. Probably one for a fulfillment request on an order, one to stop an order, one for a query, etc.
  • Changed content sources (presume fixing a copy/paste)
  • Need to indicate how the different resources are related.