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Owning work group name:

Orders & Observations WG

Committee Approval Date:

May 21, 2020

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups:

Patient Care (for review)

Pharmacy (for review)

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID:


Scope of coverage:

 The NutritionProduct resource is the identification of a food or fluid product consumed by patients. The scope of the NutritionProduct resource includes all the products that are understood to be food and beverage products for human consumption. This would include food products such as apples, packaged goods, enteral nutrition products (Ensure, Boost, etc.); infant feeding products such as breastmilk or infant formula; and fluids such as water, milk, juices etc.

RIM scope:

The entity where entity code = manufactured material

Resource appropriateness:

The details that are commonly found on an ingredient label or a structured product label are important for dietitians and other nutrition professionals to be able to determine if a patient is meeting his or her needs. These details are also used for assessment of the patient’s intake, such as being able to see serving size versus portion size. Detailed nutrition product information is also important to know if the food product contains allergens or how it is classified with texture modifications as both of these can cause patient safety issues.

Initial discussion of whether there is a need to separate definition of a Nutrition Product and an instance of a Product has occurred within the Healthcare Product Project, and will be further explored as the resource is developed.

Expected implementations:

Can be expected to be implemented in acute care settings, outpatient/clinic settings, independent practices, and long-term care facilities. Other potential settings would be school districts, grocery stores, patient-facing apps, and sports nutrition to name a few. Essentially any setting that utilizes a consumable product (that is not classified as medication) would use this resource.

Content sources:

  • Diet and Nutrition Domain Analysis Model, R2
  • Nutrition Order resource
  • Medication resource
  • Structured Product Labeling for Food (SPL R8)

Example Scenarios:

  1. A single piece item, such as an apple is documented
    • All pertinent nutrients are captured with the resource
  2. A processed food item, such as an apple pie is documented
    • All ingredients, nutrients, allergens, and manufacturing information are captured with the resource
  3. A food product consumed in an acute care or long-term care setting was brought by a family member from their home
  4. A patient is on a texture modified diet
    • Product characteristics will indicate the texture of the food or fluid product
  5. The product contains or was manufactured in a facility that processes wheat or peanuts

Resource Relationships:

  • NutritionOrder
  • NutritionIntake
  • Organization
  • Substance
  • NutritionProduct
  • Location

Resource Boundaries:

  • Food, fluids, oral nutritional supplements (i.e. Ensure), or enteral nutrition for consumption should be recorded using the NutritionProduct resource.
  • Supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, herbals, should be recorded using the medication resources
  • Parenteral nutrition should be recorded using the medication resources
  • The medication administration and usage resources were reviewed as patterns to develop the NutritionIntake resource


Connectathon September 2020 and balloting with R5

GitHub Users:

Jean Duteau

When Resource Proposal Is Complete:

When you have completed your proposal, please send an email to

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