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FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

This resource is an infrastructure resource intended to define the "namespaces" or "systems" for identifiers and codes in FHIR. This includes the identification of the OIDs, UUIDs and URIs associated with the namespace as well as any rules associated with the representation of the identifiers or codes from that particular namespace.

RIM scope

N/A - This is MIF-level. It covers an aspect of CodeSystem, though only the OID and rendering guidance. MIF has no equivalent for identifier systems.

Resource appropriateness

This corresponds to the notions of much of what's captured in the OID registry. It is critical to interoperability for code systems and identifier systems

Expected implementations

This will be implemented as an HL7-maintained registry as well as a variety of realm-specific and local registries for looking up things like systems for drivers licenses, professional license ids, etc.

Content sources

HL7 OID registry, MIF for code systems, ISO 11179 (identifiers)

Example Scenarios

  • Looking up code systems such as SNOMED, ICD-10 and other common public code systems to determine the URI to use in Coding.system or the OID to use in CD.codeSystem as well as any practices around the formatting of the codes (e.g. not including embedded display names in SNOMED CT codes)
  • Given a code system URI or OID (and for whatever reason, the URI is not resolvable), look up metadata about a code system or identifier system that appears in an instance
  • Look up system OIDs and/or URIs for identifiers of a particular type (drivers license, practitioner license, etc.) that are appropriate within a particular jurisdiction.

Resource Relationships

  • Indirect relationship to Coding.system and Identifier.system as these will use identifiers defined within NamingSystem.uniqueId


Resource is complete

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