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Owning committee name


Interested Work Groups

  • PHER (Immunizations)
  • Orders and Observations

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

Identification of a Product consumed by Patients

The scope of a medicines resource encompasses all the products that are conventionally understood to be medicines but the scope is intended to be broader than that and can cover non-prescribed medication, herbal products, diet supplements, illicit drugs, and even some products that may be classified as devices. The key distinguishing characteristic is that the product is consumed during the process of medicationAdministration and cannot be reused.

This resource will generally be a kind of product rather than a specific instance of a product.

RIM scope

medication corresponds to a manufactured product (MANU) role played by a manufactured material MMAT entity. The Common Product Model in the V3 ballot encompasses this scope but also provides much more.

Resource appropriateness

Products cannot be used if they cannot be identified and systems to establish and maintain queryable lists of products are widespread. For systems to interoperate they must have a shared basis for product identification.

Expected implementations

This is a key resource required by almost all Healthcare systems. As such it is key for any system scoped by CCDA.

Content sources

  • Existing normative V3 CPM RMIMs
  • Existing specifications in Canada, The Netherlands and UK
  • Some commercial systems

Resource Relationships

medication is used by all the other resources in pharmacy and immunisation.


Ready for second ballot September 2013

gForge Users

hugh_glover, Jean-Henri Duteau