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Owning committee name

Up to the completion of the first ballot it is temporarily owned by FHIR Core Team

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

Image Integration will use this resource of diagnostic images. Patient Administration may use this for images of patients and Orders and Observations may use this for recording observations of (for example) skin conditions.

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

A picture is any image used in healthcare. It may be a diagnostic image (such as an X-Ray picture), or it may be for identification (such as an identity picture of a staff member or patient) or it may be a picture of a particular patient condition (such as a rash).

Picture may also be taken to mean moving images (video) as well as stills.

It is possible that sound recordings should be included or even the resource generalised to Media.

RIM scope

Act[ActClass=DGIMG moodCode=EVN]

Resource appropriateness

Diagnostic images and medical photographs are well established concept. Use of photographs for identification is also common.

Hugh Glover 11:24, 18 June 2013 (UTC): The resource itself asks if the resource should be a more general media resource

Expected implementations

Most real world implementations will have to use this concept at some point. Hugh Glover 11:24, 18 June 2013 (UTC): Any offers for a more specific implementation?

Content sources

Hugh Glover 11:24, 18 June 2013 (UTC): ????

Example Scenarios

  1. Keeping one or more diagnostic images for a patient
  2. Adding a photograph to a staff member's personnel record
  3. Adding a photograph of a patient's skin condition to their record

Resource Relationships

  • Observation Hugh Glover 11:24, 18 June 2013 (UTC): Actually observation says "attachment"
  • Patient - currently in demographics


Ready for ballot in September 2013

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