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The Measure resource represents the definition of a quality measure. Quality measures are a quantitative tool used to assess the performance of an individual or organization with respect to a specified standard of care. The resource captures metadata about the measure as well as the structure and intended reporting requirements.

The intent of the resource is to establish a standard mechanism to enable automated sharing of a clinical quality measure. The resource is derived from HL7 Version 3 Standard: Representation of the Health Quality Measure Format (eMeasure) DSTU, Release 2 and informed by and aligned with HL7 Standard: Clinical Decision Support Knowledge Artifact Specification.

Owning committee name

Clinical Quality Information Work Group

Committee Approval Date:

The resource proposal was approved on 2016-03-18 minutes.

STU3 Ballot Submission: 2016-08-05

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID

1234: FHIR-Based Clinical Quality Framework (CQF-on-FHIR)

Scope of coverage

A Measure is a knowledge artifact that enables automated sharing of a clinical quality measure. Because it is definitional in nature, it is not a patient-specific resource. The resource captures the structure of a quality measure as defined by HQMF and is flexible enough to be used to describe quality measures for any discipline and locale. It is intended to be used by quality measurement content providers as a means of distributed quality measures, as well as by quality reporting agencies, decision support service providers, and other healthcare delivery systems as a means of reliabaly calculating quality measures and deriving related artifacts.

RIM scope

Resource appropriateness

Quality measurement is an important aspect of improving clinical outcomes for any population. HQMF and the CQL-Based HQMF IG provide a standards-based mechanism for representing and distributing that content. Enabling measures to be represented as a FHIR resource will extend the reach of those specifications. In addition, defining measures as a FHIR resource will allow implementers to use the FHIR stack and all its associated tooling and specifications to expose the content, effectively enabling another potential role of a FHIR server as a Quality Measure repository.

Expected implementations

In addition to general interest from the Quality Measurement community, several vendors have expressed interest in using the Measure and MeasureReport resources to enable various quality measurement and quality reporting scenarios.

Content sources

Example Scenarios

Exclusive Breastfeeding

See the Library resource proposal for a description of this example scenario.

In particular, this resource is being used to describe the quality measure to support evaluation of the measure by a CQL engine.

Resource Relationships

This resource will make use of the Library resource to represent any logic involved in the ECA rule.

The MeasureReport resource references Measure to indicate which measure is being reported.

In addition, the resource makes use of the following common data types:


May 2016 Ballot Cycle in support of the CQF IG.

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