1. Go to the HL7 home page ([[1]])
  2. Select "Resources", then "Listservs"
  3. Click on "Subscribe to list services" on the right-hand-side
  4. Fill out the fields at the top (all mandatory). The e-mail you specify will be where the listserv will send posts
  5. Select the lists you want to subscribe to. There's 2:
    1. Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR(R)) - This is the one you want: public email list for general discussions
    2. FHIR SVN discussions - this is only for the editors to talk about managing the dev process
  6. Scroll down to the bottom, attempt to prove you're a real human and promise not to send spam, then click "Request Subscriptions"

Note: All participation in the FHIR community is subject to the Community Participation Rules: FHIR Code of Conduct and the FHIR Intellectual Property Rules. Also note: FHIR Rules for asking questions.

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