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FHIR Infrastructure

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

  • CGIT

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

This is an infrastructure resource that defines how FHIR is used to solve a particular healthcare interoperability problem. This resource is used to gather all the parts of an implementation guide (Conformance, StructureDefinition, ValueSet, ConceptMap, NamingSystem, TestScript as well as ad-hoc documentation) into a logical whole, and to publish a computable definition of all the parts.

RIM scope

In theory, this could be thought of as Document, however all of the information it deals with is outside the scope of RIM. It's probably most appropriate to map it to the MIF notion of Package.

Resource appropriateness

HL7, IHE and affiliates have all been producing implementation guides on top of the base HL7 interoperability standards for many years. FHIR is designed in a manner that essentially requires the use of implementation guides in order to provide a reasonable assurance of consistent interoperability. Implementation guides are already a component of the FHIR balloting process and this will only increase over time.

Expected implementations

This will be used by HL7 international, IHE, Affiliates, implementer organizations and a variety of others

Content sources

Existing FHIR implementation guides, IHE implementation guides, CDA implementation guides, MIF

Example Scenarios

  • Definitions of realm-specific use of resources or data type
  • IHE profiles supporting implementation of a particular use-case
  • Implementer documentation of the capabilities of a suite of systems

Resource Relationships

Implementation Guides may depend on other IGs. They also contain a mixture of Conformance resources as well as making use of Basic for documentation of narrative-only sections. IGs will typically be published as document Bundles.


Draft published as part of DSTU 2

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