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Scope of coverage

Administration of vaccines to patients across all healthcare disciplines in all care settings and all regions. Includes immunization of both humans and animals.

Does not include the administration of non-vaccine agents, even those that may have or claim immunological effects.

RIM scope

The immunization resource corresponds to the RIM Act of Substance Administration (SBADM) as constrained in the Immunization Domain model POIZ_RM030050UV.

Resource appropriateness

The immunization resource is expected to cover key concepts related to the creation, revision and querying of a patient's immunization history. This resource - through consultation with the PHER work group - is believed to meet key use cases and information requirements as defined in the existing HL7 v2.x immunization implementation guide, HL7 v3 POIZ domain and Immunization Domain Analysis Model.

Expected implementations


Content sources

  • HL7 v2.x immunization implementation guides
  • Normative HL7 v3 POIZ domain
  • HL7 Immunization Domain Analysis Model

Example Scenarios

Resource Relationships

This resource references the following resources:

  • AdverseReaction
  • Patient
  • Practioner
  • Location

This resource is referenced by the ImmunizationProfile resource.


Expected to be part of the September 2013 DSTU ballot.

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  • Is the definition of what constitutes a vaccine clearly defined? I.e. No possibility of confusion
  • Need to provide specific RIM constraints. Referencing an RMIM doesn't identify what's necessary or sufficient.
  • Need to fill in the "example scenarios" section