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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS will be hosting a Connectathon on January 7&8, 2020 at their headquarters.

The Da Vinci Project Connectathon will take place on December 11 & 12, 2019 at the Independence Blue Cross offices in Philadelphia, PA.

The HL7 International Conference in Australia will host FHIR Connectathon 23 on Feburary 2 & 3, 2020

Helpful Links:

HL7 FHIR Pre-Connectathon Survey 

Con Man App

Connectathon Manager Orientation Video

Break Out Room Schedule

Connectathon Planning Team

FHIR Tutorials

  • There are several FHIR tutorials scheduled through-out the week and a full list can be found by clicking the word "Tutorials" in the upper right corner of the Event Brochure which can be found here.

FHIR Proficiency Exam

  • The FHIR proficiency test allows test takers to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the specification. This is a basic proficiency test, not a professional credentialing test. It will be multiple choice, multi-select, and true/false and based on the STU3 specification and not on field knowledge. Those who pass the test will receive the FHIR Proficiency Certificate, a Certificate of Knowledge.

Location: Atlanta Marriott Marquis hotel (same as the HL7 Working Group Meeting occurring September 14-20)

Date of Training Workshops: September 11-13 2019

Training will occur 1-5pm on Wednesday and 9-5pm on Thursday and Friday

The FHIR Implementation Guide (IG) Workshop is for a series of three restricted, limited space workshops targeting IG publishers and new ballot reviewers.  All attendees will be nominated in advance by the FHIR Core team.  

The FHIR Core Team hasn’t identified a list of invitees yet, but if you’d like to suggest names to be included to the waiting list, just let us know and we’ll inform you when more details are available.

Entries below should select the appropriate workshops desired:

Workshop 1: Implementation Guide Creation (Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday)
Workshop 2: Terminology considerations (Friday morning)
Workshop 3:  Implementation Guide Ballot Review Best Practices (Friday afternoon)

  • Indicates application email received by Wayne Kubick
NameOrganizationEmailWorkshop 1:
IG Creation

Workshop 2: Terminology Considerations

Workshop 3:
IG Ballot Review Best Practices
Linda Michaelson Optumlinda.michaelsen@optum.comXX
Email from Linda (to Wayne Kubick): 

Yes, please put me on this list.  I am copying in my Da Vinci team to promote me for the workshop – I am a co-lead on several workgroups and would like to be able to at least help in this process. From a scheduling perspective, when do you think it will be held? Linda

Lisa Nelson*MaxMDlnelson@max.mdXXXRecommended by Wayne. Lisa has a candidate who is willing to learn and offer significant in kind contributions for creation and review.  
Cheng Lui*MaxMD
XXXRecommended by Lisa
Benjamin Flessner

Recommended by Sean McIlvenna
George DixonAllScripts

XRecommended by Sarah Gaunt
Emma JonesAllScripts

XRecommended by Sarah Gaunt
John Hatem

XRecommended by Melva Peters
Andrew StatlerCernerAndrew.Statler@cerner.comX

Recommended by Sean McIlvenna
Reuben Daniels
Recommended by Sarah Gaunt
Micheal Lawley
Recommended by Sarah Gaunt
Smita HastackSamvit

XRecommended by Lloyd McKenzie
Robinette Renner

Recommended by Lloyd McKenzie
Rik Smithies
XRecommended by Lloyd McKenzie
Linda MichaelsenOptumlinda.michaelsen@optum.comX
XRecommended by Bryn Rhodes (Duplicate of Row 1)
Patrick WernerMOLIT Institutpw@molit.euXXX
José Costa Teixeira XXX
John Moehrke* XXXRecommended by José 

CDISC has a couple of people they'd like to send - need named individuals; and CDISC hasn't been participating in IG creation or ballot reviews.
Oliver Egger*ahdis / hl7 swtzerland

Christine (Christi) Denney
Christi_d@lilly.comXXXRecommended by BR&R and Trisha Simpson.  Author of 1 IG from BR&R for Sept 2019.  Will be assisting with IG development for Research.
Craig NewmanAltarumCraig.Newman@altarum.orgXXXIs working on Reference implementations and would like to attend (Recommended by Dave Pyke)
Becky AngelesCarradorabecky.angeles@carradora.comXXXWas the originator of the eLTSS project and would like to attend (Recommended by Dave Pyke)
Sheridan CookGevityscook@gevityinc.comXXXFormerly w/ MiHIN, lots of experience doing IG-type work w/ v2, has now done v3 publisher work with FHIR (Recommended by Lloyd McKenzie)
Joee GarciaGevity

XDeveloper/analyst who's been helping Lloyd with IG creation & review (Recommended by Lloyd McKenzie)
John BenderONCjohn.bender@hhs.govXXXRecommended by Matt Rahn and Wayne Kubick.
Paul KnappKnapp
Jamie ParkerCaradorrajamie.parker@carradora.comX
XRecommended by Dave Pyke
Scott Gordon FDAGideon.Gordon@fda.hhs.govXXXRequest to Wayne
Keith Boone*

Kathleen Connor*VA/Book Zurman Inc.kathleen_connor@comcast.netxxxRequest sent to Wayne. Already have worked on FHIR build for FM/Security but need refresher on build especially for work on FHIR DS4P IG. starting in Sept. But may not need if 101.  Wayne indicates that there's no space until Feb. Not going to AU.  Maybe in May 2020 if needed.
Ben McAlister*Cernerben.mcalister@cerner.comxxx
Corey Smith*

Yan Heras*

AbdulMalik Shakir*

xxApproved and confirmed by Wayne
May TerryMITREmayT@mitre.orgx
xApproved and confirmed by Wayne.

The following checklist can be used as a template for performing an Implementation Guide review – it guides the overall process for the review.

This slide deck gives details for reviewing FHIR IGs: 2019-09 FHIR IG Review.pptx

To use this checklist, copy the content to a Word Document for each IG Review.

Step #1: Orientation / Conceptual

  • Check stated Realm
  • Check kind of IG – what expectations arise?
  • Summarise what this IG does (is it clear from stated scope?)
  • Check stated dependencies – if stated
  • Check for missing appropriate dependencies 

Step #2: Orientation / Technical

  • Read note to balloters (if present)
  • Check history notes
  • Check qa.html

Step #3: Orientation / Approach

  • Check kinds of exchanges
  • APIs
  • Document
  • Messaging (o Check messaging protocol)
  • Make list of kinds of information exchanged
  • Check consistent with realm core expectations
  • Make list of actors described in system
  • Characterise as Producer | Consumer | Repository

Step #4: Capability Statement

  • Check resources exposed. For each resource
  • Check Interactions
  • Check Search Parameters
  • Modifiers 
  • Chaining
  • Combinations
  • Conformance expectations clear
  • Check System Profile
  • Check Use case Profiles
  • Check Global Profiles

Step #5: Profiles

Check resources/profiles exposed. For each resource

  • Check Text Summary – human to human
  • Check Differential as summary (consistent with text summary?)
  • Check what other related profiles exist in other IGs
  • For each element in the differential:
    • Check definitions – changed? Needs to be changed?
    • Check any mappings added
    • Check cardinality
    • Check must support (and check it’s meaning is defined)
    • Check Terminology Binding
  • Any orphan profiles?

Step #6: Extensions

Any extensions? For each extension:

  • Check context of use
  • check related extensions
  • For each element in the differential:
  • (as above)

Step #7: Value Sets / Code Systems

  • Check Copyright (externally sourced content)
  • Check Versioning
  • For code systems: something that needed to be defined?

Step #8: Specific Requirements

  • For each:
    • Defined / described?
    • Requirements described?
    • Do you agree?
  • Security
  • Error Handling
    • Specifying correct behaviour for operational failures
    • Mechanisms for handling erroneous data
  • Audit / Provenance
  • Consent / Privacy
  • Test Cases / Conformance testing support
  • Safety Issues (check)

Orphaned pages in this Confluence Space:

Log of work on migration of FHIR space

JoshJoshua Procious added a comment - 2019-10-29 10:04

The reference to the FHIR Governance Board on this page: is to the wiki as it hasn't been migrated to Confluence.

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JoshJoshua Procious added a comment - 2019-10-29 10:06

Two pages in the Confluence FHIR space "Connectathon 13" and "Connectathon 14" were deleted and NOT migrated due to them being included in the archive page listing "Previous Connectathons"

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JoshJoshua Procious added a comment - 2019-10-30 11:28 - edited

I have create the page FHIR Build Process as it was not in Confluence and seemed to be the primary link in multiple documents.
I created the page FHIR Profile Authoring and migrated from the referenced pages on the wiki.
I have created the page FHIR Profile and IG Balloting from the referenced pages on the wiki.
I have created the page FHIR Implementation Guide Authoring from the referenced pages on the wiki.

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JoshJoshua Procious added a comment - 2019-10-30 12:06 - edited

What is the guidance for how FHIR wants to handle the current Resource proposals on the WIKI?
Page on confluence here:

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JoshJoshua Procious added a comment - 2019-10-30 03:51 - edited

Created page FHIR Package cache per requested migrated pages table:

Create page FHIR IG PackageList doco per requested migrated pages table:

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JoshJoshua Procious added a comment - 2019-10-31 09:53

FHIR Profile Considerations page on wiki is blank
This link was intentionally left out of the FHIR Profile Proposal Template.

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JoshJoshua Procious added a comment - 2019-10-31 10:33

FHIR IG Proposal template was overwritten in the wiki with data so no instructions were present.

The respective template in Confluence was populated with standard fields and general instructions but no guiding instructions per field.

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JoshJoshua Procious added a comment - 2019-10-31 01:03

I have create the IG Proposals and Profile Proposals pages in confluence.

Combined with the Resource proposals pages, they jointly use templates I've created in Confluence based on wiki templates.
Converting the blue text to cloaks in confluence and then listeners by label.

The bulk of the content for this page has yet to be migrated from

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