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FHIR is trialing a new product-line governance process for HL7. Governance responsibilities are divided between 3 groups:

  • Overall governance responsibility is handled by the FHIR Governance Board (FGB). The members of this group are appointed by HL7's Technical Steering Committee (TSC). The FGB is responsible for establishing the principles guiding the development of the FHIR specification, FHIR resources and HL7-maintained FHIR profiles and other artifacts. It also manages interaction with external organizations such as IHE, DICOM and others.
  • Day-to-day management of FHIR is handled by the FHIR Management Group (FMG). The members of this group are appointed by HL7's Technical Steering Committee (TSC) under the advisement of the FGB. The FMG handles the day-to-day management of FHIR, including reviewing resource proposals, managing ballot processes, liaising with the HL7 Work Groups and other bodies creating FHIR content, scheduling Connectathons, etc.
  • The formal methodology for FHIR is handled by the Modeling and Methodology Work Group (MnM). This is an open work group with co-chairs elected by the membership. MnM documents rules, guidelines and best practices that govern resource creation, such as naming guidelines, recommendations on element granularity, terminology binding practices, etc.

All of these groups report either directly or indirectly to HL7's Technical Steering Committee (TSC) which has overall responsibility for the standards development process at HL7.

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