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Patient Care

(Temporarily managed by FHIR Core with review from Patient care)

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Clinical Genomics

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID

Scope of coverage

Significant health events and conditions for people related to the subject relevant in the context of care for the subject.

This resource records significant health events and conditions for people related to the subject. This information can be known to different levels of accuracy. Sometimes the exact condition ('asthma') is known, and sometimes it is less precise ('some sort of cancer'). Equally, sometimes the person can be identified ('my aunt agatha') and sometimes all that is known is that the person was an uncle.

As currently defined, the best use of the resource is to record information gained from the patient themselves - often in the community setting. However, increasingly clinical genomic information will become a significant component of family history and this resource will need to accomodate that, particularly to support Decision Support with a familial component.

The entire family history for an individual is stored in a single resource (which can, of course, be versioned as further information comes to hand).

RIM scope

Resource appropriateness

The concept of Family History is well recognized in clinical practice and the systems that support clinical practice. The amount of information that can be collected is increasing significantly as the discipline of clinical genomics advances, but this amount of detail is not yet widely available. As that availability increases, this resource will need to be extended or replaced.

Expected implementations

CCDA has a family history section. EMR/EHR/PHR systems can also be expected to implement the storage and exchange of family history information.

Content sources

CCDA, openEHR, existing systems

Example Scenarios

Resource Relationships

Family History is linked to the patient resource. Although not enforced, the intention is that there is only a single family history resource per patient active at any one time.


Expected to be balloted DSTU in September 2013

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