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(This page is DRAFT and does not yet reflect official policy)

When evaluating whether a resource is normative, the FMG will consider a number of things:

  • Are there any 1..x elements where the element might not be known or relevant for some use-cases (ignoring best practice)?
  • Are there any x..1 elements where there are conceivable use-cases for the element to repeat?
  • Are there any invariants that could be violated by certain use-cases, legacy data or the introduction of extensions?
  • Are there any required or extensible bindings where it's unrealistic to require implementers to map to the provided value set?
  • Are there elements that might be appropriate to be polymorphic that are not defined that way?
  • Has the resource seen sufficient breadth of implementation (types of use-cases, types of implementers, different jurisdictions)?
  • Are there any unresolved scope or boundary issues?
  • Have all elements that have not been widely exercised or about which there is still controversy within the community been marked as STU?
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