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What tools are available / recommended to support FHIR development & implementation?

The [FHIR specification itself includes] several tools - schema, xref-faq-46 validation services (removed dead link), and reference platforms that implement the specification for various common development platforms. These tools are provided for implementer convenience, but there is not requirement to use them; other platforms can be used.

This list summarizes tools that are commonly used in the FHIR development team, and by attendees at the past connectathons:

FHIR Specific Tools

  • Notepad++ Plug-in for FHIR [download] and see the FHIR Notepad++ Plugin Documentation (removed dead link)
  • [Forge] - editor for StructureDefinition (Profiles!), ImplementationGuide
  • [FHIR toolkit] - editor for CodeSystem, ValueSet, CapabilityStatement, Questionnaire, Library, ExampleScenario, ImplementationGuide
  • Trifolia on FHIR - FHIR Implementation Guide creation tool with support for editing profiles, value sets, narrative pages, and other content. Integrated with the FHIR IG Publisher

see also

Programming Libraries

  • [[1]] has a Java implementation of the FHIR specification
  • [[2]] .NET implementation of the FHIR specification
  • [TypeScript declarations] for FHIR Release 3 (STU) JSON format
  • [MS FHIR server] .NET implementation of the FHIR server

FHIR Registry

  • [] A registry containing all public profiles (StructureDefinition, ValueSet, Conformances)

XML Tools

REST Development Tools

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