January 5, 2017 Wayne Kubick

The HL7 FHIR Product Director is a half-time, non-volunteer leadership position in HL7 with internal and external responsibilities for advancing the product strategy, development and global adoption of the HL7 FHIR standard. The HL7 FHIR Product Director (FHIRPD) cooperatively works with the volunteers that make up the HL7 Working Groups and the FHIR Community who collectively design, build, ballot, review, publish and specifications and artifacts relevant to the HL7 FHIR standard.

The FHIRPD reports to the HL7 Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and collaborates with the HL7 CTO and TSC Chair.


  1. Working with the CEO and CTO, develop a vision and prepare a product plan and roadmap for the development and advancement of the FHIR standard to maximize the business value and return on investment of the FHIR product. Advise the HL7 CEO and CTO as to the alignment/progress of FHIR business and technical goals with HL7 interests.
  2. Perform the following major job functions in directing the design, planning, development, adoption and support of the HL7 FHIR standard.
    1. Internally:
      1. Participate as a member of the FHIR Governance Board and FHIR Management Group; liaise between HL7 leadership and the TSC, Working Groups, FHIR Foundation Board and others as needed, consistent with the HL7 Board’s strategic goals.
      2. Oversee technical activities related to the FHIR specification, FHIR servers, FHIR resources, and FHIR-related artifacts.
      3. Oversee the FHIR build process and, working with the FHIR Management Group and Technical Steering Committee, secure approval for product releases for ballot or publication.
      4. Interact with the FHIR community, respond to product questions, and oversee the reconciliation of ballot comments and responses to other feedback from the implementation community toward the continued improvement of the FHIR standard.
    2. Externally:
      1. Meets with implementers and users to determine high value requirements and improve user experience of working with FHIR.
      2. Builds awareness and represents the interests of HL7 and the FHIR standard at public conferences, meetings and interviews.
      3. Monitors market and environmental trends relevant to FHIR.
      4. Actively engage with the FHIR Foundation, Project Argonaut, vendors, providers, government, academic and other organizations to seek to maximize the value of FHIR toward achieving global interoperability and improving other Health IT capabilities.
      5. Liaise with organizations such as IHTSDO, IHE, LOINC, and others as directed by the CEO.
      6. Reviews and approves requests to use FHIR trademarks
      7. Authors blogs and articles that advance the interests of HL7 and the FHIR standard.
  3. Advise on integration of other HL7 standards with FHIR, or migration strategies for moving from existing standards to FHIR.
  4. Provide technical guidance for relevant grant applications and for execution of grants awarded to HL7.
  5. Ensure that any other activities and interactions of the Product Director with external commercial entities are consistent with the conflict of interest and ethics policies described in Sections 6.04 and 6.05 of the HL7 Governance and Operations Manual.
  6. Support other activities as defined by the CEO.
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