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Process Flow

The following process flow describes the full process from the initiation of a FHIR Implementation Guide (IG) project through its lifecycle.  The process flow and set of checklists are intended to support project teams developing on FHIR Implementation Guides navigate through the HL7 International processes.

For more information, watch the "FHIR Implementation Guide Development: Navigating the HL7 Processes" Webinar.

For more information about each step, click on the relevant hyperlink.

Generic Timeline

The following provides a generic timeline for the tasks associated with the development and balloting of a FHIR IG.  These timelines should be considered as part of the project planning.

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  1. where is the IG Proposal in this process? Isn't it required between PSS and Creating Content?

  2. Yes, it the IG Proposal must be approved by the NIB deadline.  If you go to the NIB page it is there.  I was trying to make this diagram more generic with the details in the subsequent pages.  I need to do some updates to the diagram so will take this into consideration when I do.

    1. well, the IG proposal is critical to the creation of the github repository, so it must happen before one can start creation of content, unless you are creating the content in a private space.

  3. Following on to John's comment, the IG proposal and connectathon participation are two key steps that if included on this diagram would be very helpful.

  4. Melva Peters is there a template for the IG Proposal?  Where can I find it?  Thanks!