1.Where are the Workshops being held?

The Atlanta Marriott Marquis hotel (same as the HL7 Working Group Meeting, however, this is NOT the same Atlanta Hotel that past WGMs have been at)

265 Peachtree Center Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30303
+1 (855) 297-1429 phone

2.When is it occurring and what are the space limitations

September 11 -13 as follows:
Wednesday 1-5pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-5pm

30 people max on all sessions except Friday afternoon, where the max will be 50.

3What workshops are being conducted at the event?

Workshop 1:
Wednesday afternoon, 2019-09-11 (1pm to 5 pm) 
Thursday all day, 2019-09-12 (9am to 5 pm)
Meeting Room: International C

Implementation Guide Creation 
This workshop will include understanding the IG Publisher and preparing a good quality specification and review of Melva Peter's FHIR IG Publication Checklist.

Workshop 2: 
Friday Morning, 2019-09-13 (9am - 12pm)
Meeting Room: International 6

IG Terminology Considerations 
This workshop focuses on terminology considerations - both for creating IGs and for reviewing balloted IGs.

Workshop 3: 
Friday afternoon, 2019-09-13 (1pm - 5 pm)
Meeting Room: International 6

Implementation Guide Ballot Review Best Practices 
For details, see FAQ below.


What is the event’s title?

Officially, the event's title is the ‘FHIR IG Workshop’, however it's been referred to as ‘FHIR IG Traning’ or FHIR IG Development Training'


What is the event’s intent?

The event is aimed at increasing our capacity to create and publish high quality FHIR Implementation Guides (IGs) that avoid the common errors we've seen in the past (and the associated, time-consuming corrective actions.

The ultimate goal is to grow the ballot pool size and also the number of people able to review FHIR IGs during the preparation process to ensure consistency across HL7 guides


Why can't anyone attend? 

The event is a restricted, limited space workshop targeting IG publishers and new ballot reviewers. 


What were the criteria to be invited to this event?

Who is the target audience?

The target audience are skilled candidates who are relatively new to HL7 rather than current insiders. 


How were the attendees selected?

Some attendees were identified in advance by the FHIR Core team. 

Others were suggested by various HL7 leadership.

The FHIR Core team extended invites to those they deemed best suited based on the desired target audience.


Who are the speakers for the event?

Dragon Bashyam
Sarah Gaunt
Julie James
Lloyd McKenzie
Melva Peters
David Pyke



What details do you have regarding Friday afternoon’s Workshop 3 - Implementation Guide Ballot Review Best Practices?

The objectives of this workshop are:

-        understanding the typical structure of HL7 IGs
-        demonstrating a typical approach for reviewing an IG (e.g. ballot review)
-        understanding the HL7 ballot
-        how to compare different versions of the same IG
-        how to compare different IGs for consistency

There are no pre-requirements, but it will help to be familiar with the resources, data types, how terminology works, the REST API, and profiling; the tutorial will not be covering the basics of these things.


What is the cost for to attend the event?

There is no cost (ONC is covering most of the costs).  Note that HL7 is not covering travel costs for this tutorial.


Will the event be recorded and available to view afterwards?

We will to record the tutorial and make it available, and plan to make subsequent  follow up tutorials.

14.What meals/breaks will be provided?

A simple sandwich buffet will be served for lunch on Thursday and Friday; breakfast will not be provided.
Coffee, tea, soft drinks and water will be offered at morning and afternoon breaks.

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