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The package-list.json is a json file (!)

Base Object

The file contains a single Base object:

   "package-id" : "[id]", // mandatory
   "title" : "[title]", // mandatory
   "canonical" : "[canonical]", // mandatory
   "introduction" : "[intro]", // optional
"category" : "[category]", // mandatory "list" : [ 1..* Publication objects (see below) ] }


  • id: The NPM package id for the IG
  • title: a human readable name for the IG
  • canonical: the URL at which this package-list.json will be published
  • intro: an optional common markdown describing the purpose and contents of the IG
  • category: a category for the IG for use by the ig-registry at

Note: for HL7 IGs, the the contents of these elements are all derived from the IG proposal agreed to by FMG

Publication Object

Note: the order of publication objects is important - must be ordered with most recent at the top

   "version" : "[version]",   // mandatory
   "date" : "[date]",    // mandatory, except for ci-build entry 
   "desc" : "[desc]",   // mandatory
   "path" : "[path]",   // mandatory
   "changes" : "[changes]", // optional
   "status" : "[status]",   // mandatory
   "sequence" : "[sequence]",   // mandatory, except for ci-build entry
   "fhirversion" : "x.x.x",   // mandatory, except for ci-build entry
   "current" : [?current]   // optional, default false


  • version: the stated version of the IG for the publication
  • date: the date at which the publication was made [yyyy-mm-dd]
  • path: where the publication is found. Usually at [canonica]/version or similar (absolute URL)
  • desc: a text description of the publication (e.g. reason for publication)
  • changes: a link within the published spec that details the changes in this version (relative URL to path)
  • status: the status of the publication - one of:
    • ci-build - the continuous integration build release (not stable)
    • draft - draft version
    • qa-preview - frozen snapshot for non-ballot feedback
    • ballot - frozen snapshot for ballot
    • trial-use - official release with 'trial use' status
    • release - official release for use
    • update - official release with 'trial use' status - posted as an un-ballotedSTU update
    • normative+trial-use - official release with mixture of trial use and normative content
  • sequence: which group to publish this as part of (typically, 'STU 1' etc). Groups all the ballot publications and the final publication for the ballot sequence
  • fhirversion: the version of FHIR on which the IG is based
  • current: true if this version should be listed in the current versions summary at the top of the history page. True for the CI-Build, and the version currently posted to the canonical URL

Note: the order of publication entries matters. The list should be ordered, with the ci-build entry first, then grouped by sequence and then from most recent to oldest in each sequence

CI Build

The first entry SHALL be a reference to the CI build. This has current = true, no date, 'current' for the version, etc:

   "version" : "current",
   "desc" : "Continuous Integration Build (latest in version control)",
   "path" : "[xxxx]",
   "status" : "ci-build",
   "current" : true

where [xxxx] is the repository name.


 "package-id" : "id",
 "title" : "title", 
 "canonical" : "url", 
 "introduction" : "md",
"category" : "category", "list" : [{ "version" : "current", "desc" : "Continuous Integration Build (latest in version control)", "path" : "", "status" : "ci-build", "current" : true },{ "version" : "version", "date" : "date", "desc" : "desc", "changes" : "link", "path" : "url", "status" : "status", "fhirversion" : "4.0.1", "sequence" : "sequence" }] }
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  1. Hi all,

    I'm having to trouble with difining the DependencyList for external IG's references.

    So should i define them in:

    1. <dependsOn> section in myIG.xml
    2. package-list.json file but i can not find the extract format for this.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you so much,