Committee Approval Date:

Motion: Rick Geimer/Gino Canessa: 10-0-1

Publishing Lead:

Rick Geimer

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups:

Sponsor: FHIR-I
Co-Sponsor: CDS
Interested Parties: TI, CQI

FHIR Development Project Insight ID:

1812 ( PSS-2200 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

Scope of coverage:

The CapabilityStatement resource and the extensions bound to it. 

Content location:


Proposed IG Title:

FHIR CapabilityStatement Implementation Guide

Proposed IG realm and code:


FHIR Core version(s):


Maintenance Plan:

FHIR-I will maintain this IG.

Short Description:

This IG defines profiles and extensions for the CapabilityStatement resource to implement features that were formerly considered for what was known as CapabilityStatement2. This includes a terminology-based approach to managing new assertions around system capabilities, which will allow for feature negotiation. 

Long Description:

CapabilityStatement is the largest/most complex of the infrastructure resources, yet there continues to be pressure to add yet more capabilities to describe additional nuances of how systems behave (or are desired to behave). As well, the things people want to say about systems often covers concepts that are outside FHIR proper (e.g. CDS Hooks, SMART) or even outside HL7.
This IG defines a terminology-based approach to managing new assertions around system capabilities to support these needs and will also enable dynamic feature negotiation between various actors. 

Involved parties:


Expected implementations:

Grahame Grieve (e.g.
Rick Geimer (Lantana)
Gino Canessa (Microsoft/Argonaut)
Richard Ettema (AEGIS)

Content sources:

The requirements for this IG will be derived from the effort previously known as CapabilityStatement2.

Example Scenarios:

Allow querying for messaging features supported by a system
Allow querying for document features supported by a system
Allow a system to dynamically define new features not currently part of the normative content of the CapabilityStatement resource, and allow clients to query for such features without retrieving and parsing the entire CapabilityStatement instance. 

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Proposing January 2024 for initial Connectathon testing, and May 2024 for first ballot. 

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