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Owning committee name

Patient Administration

Committee Approval Date:

31 May 2016

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups


FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

An endpoint describes the technical details of a location that can be connected to for the delivery/retrieval of information. Sufficient information is required to ensure that a connection can be made securely, and appropriate data transmitted as defined by the endpoint owner in an agreed format (such as IHE or HL7 Profiles).

This is not a description of details of the current system, as found in conformance, but of another (potentially external) system. These may be locally hosted services, regional services, or national service.

RIM scope


Resource appropriateness

All systems that integrate with other systems have a need to track the details of the connectivity. This resource permits recording of this information, and will be able to be included in Registries where they can be discovered, or internally to manage external dependencies.

Expected implementations

  • Public Services/Provider Directories which assist in electronic data transfers
  • Systems that maintain connections to external systems

Content sources

  • Australian Standards Endpoint Location Service
  • IHE HPD+
  • Argonaut Provider Directory Workgroup
  • Carequality UDDI

Example Scenarios

These resources are typically used to identify where to locate endpoint details for:

  • Questionnaires: Where to send information (currently an SDC extension with just the address)
  • ValueSet: Where related Terminology Services can be found (where not local)
  • Subscription: The destination to send the subscribed data (or to pull)
  • Messaging: (currently defined in the Message Header, but only as the address) eg CCDA distribution
  • Referrals: Where to send referral requests (linked to the services directory resources - Organization/Location/Practitioner/HealthcareService)
  • Referrals - Templates: Where to locate referral templates (Questionnaires - linked to the services directory resources - Organization/Location/Practitioner/HealthcareService)
  • CarePlans: Where a shared CarePlan can be found
  • Scheduling: Where to lookup to discover schedules/availability information (linked to the services directory resources - Organization/Location/Practitioner/HealthcareService)
  • Scheduling: Where to lookup to send appointment requests (linked to the services directory resources - Organization/Location/Practitioner/HealthcareService)
  • Patient/Person: Location of Master Patient/Person Indexes
  • Service Provider Directories: Location of related directories (parent/child/federated)
  • Imaging: Locating DICOM servers that will contain the HIRES images

Resource Relationships

The endpoint is distinct from a conformance statement in that the Conformance statement describes the entire capability of a server (and in the metadata case, just this server)

The endpoint resource describes the technical details for how to connect, and for what purposes (which could be a small sub-set of the server's capabilities, and may not be a FHIR endpoint).

The endpoint may be referenced by

  • Organization
  • Location
  • HealthcareService


In time for the STU3 ballot cycle (draft is available now, and has been publicized and have a group willing to iterate on it quickly.

gForge Users


When Resource Proposal Is Complete

When you have completed your proposal, please send an email to