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Owning committee name

FHIR project team

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

  • IHE

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID

FHIR project

Scope of coverage

A declaration that a set of document references (existing resource) are part of a single logical set of documents that are managed and accessed as a group

History: The existing DocumentReference resource was intended to cover the scope of IHE XDS. However a review of the DocumentReference Resource in that context identified that an IHE XDS submission set is not simply a transactional construct, but that there are semantics associated with the submission set, and these have been omitted from FHIR. This resource is required to resolve the ballot comments that arose from the IHE XDS review.

RIM scope

An Act for submitting a group of documents, along with act references to the documents, and the usual participations

Resource appropriateness

  • XDS has made clear how useful document references are, and an implicit part of this is a set of documents (technical) that constitute a single document (user perspective)
  • this is, in effect, a manifest that declares that a set of different document references belong together for some workflow purpose. Hence, "DocumentManifest"
  • the logical group of documents is a distinct concept that needs tracking and storing. The individual document references in a manifest may be shared across document manifests that exist for different purposes
  • this is to support existing XDS functionality for MHD

Expected implementations

  • any MHD implementation

Content sources

  • IHE XDS + existing mapping
  • Document Reference

Example Scenarios

  • taken from standard IHE XDS example

Resource Relationships


  • DocumentReference, Binary

Used By:

  • nothing yet


End of october to meet DSTU reconciliation timelines

gForge Users

Grahame, John M.