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Owning committee name

Orders & Observations WG

Approval Date

8/4/2016 (OO Call)

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

Clinical Quality Information Work Group

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

This resource describes the request for the use of a device by a patient. The device may be any pertinent device specified in the Device resource. The device use request may represent an order or a prescription that was entered by a practitioner in a CPOE system or a proposal made by a clinical decision support (CDS) system based on a patient's clinical record and context of care.

The SupplyRequest resource is used to request devices when handling them generically (as any other supply) rather than being associated with a patient or having patient specific instructions. When requests are for things associated with a patient, then use DeviceUseRequest.

For requesting medications use the MedicationRequest resource.

RIM scope

  • Role: Supply (classCode=SPLY, moodCode=RQO )

Resource appropriateness

Resource to record the request(order) of devices for patients are necessary in healthcare.

Expected implementations

  • CPOE Systems

Content sources

  • FHIR request pattern

Example Scenarios

1) A provider may order a:

  • wheelchair
  • hearing aids
  • an insulin pump
  • pacemaker

for his patient.

2) A decision support tool may suggest a device based upon a particular protocol.

Resource Relationships

  • CarePlan
  • ClnicalImpression
  • Device
  • Task

For additional information, please refer to proposed resource on FHIR site:


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