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Daniel Karlsson

Overview and Issues

Background from SNOMED on FHIR group

Context-specific designations

ValueSet expand and CodeSystem lookup - something additional is needed to know what designations are being returned

Peter Jordan what can be determined from the header

Grahame Grieve there is a cascade of language parameters

  • ??
  • accept header
  • ??

SNOMED on FHIR discussion

  • Proposing a 'designation-use-context' extension
  • language reference set
  • 3 things need to go into only one slot: designation.use

Grahame Grieve

  • question about adding 'consumer-friendly' to designation-use
  • the current SNOMED codes are expected to be used only if you are SNOMED
  • but 'consumer-friendly' would be more general
  • if SNOMED has a code, we should generally use it - would need to be in the GPS

Swapna Abhyankar

context of use - current assumptions (Grahame)

  • made the assumption that the context of use and the language is resolved when you perform the expansion
  • get back one display and one language
  • usually only get a display
  • but in a compose you might challenge those assumptions
    • highjacked the same things and used it in CodeSystem $lookup - but it doesn't have a context of use

Peter Jordan go back to designation-use value set

  • haven't made it explicit - but that is the grounds for extension

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