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Committee Approval Date:

PSS approval timeline: TSC approval on March 9, 2020

FHIR IG Proposal: approved by committee on ___________

Publishing Lead:

  • Dave deRoode

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups:

  • Payer/Provider Information Exchange (sponsor); Structured Documents (co-spondor); Patient Care (interested party)

FHIR Development Project Insight ID:

  • 1553

Scope of coverage: 

  • The guides will specify exchange standards for sharing information between dentists and other dental providers as well as between medical and dental providers.

Content location:

Proposed IG realm and code:

  • us/dental-data-exchange

Short Description:

  • This IG will define exchange of medical and dental information within medical/dental and dental/dental realms, including referral and corresponding consult note using US-core, CCDAonFHIR, Occupational Data for Health, and Da Vinci profiles.

Long Description: 

  • There currently does not exist a standard for the exchange of discrete dental observations between dental providers. While some Dental EHRs have implemented the C-CDA for data exchange, it was built primarily for medical care, and does not include the structured data elements necessary for use by dental providers.

    Sharing dental information exchange between the medical and dental community is limited to exchanges using paper or attaching pdf documents to a secure email and sharing directly. In addition to a FHIR IG, there will be a CDA IG created/balloted in parallel. Creation of a dual electronic exchange in both FHIR and CDA will provide new implementers flexibility in technical approach

Involved parties: 

  • Stakeholders: Clinical and Public Health Laboratories, Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), Payors, Other
  • Other Stakeholders: Dental Providers, Patients, Clearinghouses, Federal Health Sector/Institutions, Registries, Schools
  • Vendors: EHR, PHR, Health Care IT, Lab, Other
  • Providers: Clinical and Public Health Laboratories, Local and State Departments of Health, Healthcare Institutions (hospitals, long term care, home care, mental health), Other
  • Other Providers: Federal Health Sector Providers

Expected implementations:

US Department of Defense, US Department of Veterans Affairs, and affiliated contractors
VA - Document Storage Systems (DSS)
DoD - Corporate Dental System (CDS)
DoD - Henry Schein Dentrix

Content sources:

Example Scenarios:

  1. Medical provider refers patient to general dentist for further evaluation and management of dental conditions (ie poor dental hygiene); dental provider subsequently sees patient and sends consult note back to referring medical provider
  2. General dentist refers patient to dental specialist for evaluation and therapy of a specific dental finding/condition (ie possible restoration of #30 w/ possible cracked DB cusp)

IG Relationships:

Dependent on:

US-Core (3.1.0)

CCDAonFHIR (current)

Occupation Data for Health (1.0.0) 

Da Vinci HRex (0.1.0) 


Define data requirements - JAN 2020
Complete Modelling - MAY 2020
Ballot STU1 - SEP 2020
Complete STU1 Ballot Reconciliation - JAN 2021
Publish STU1 - MAR 2021
Ballot STU2 - JAN 2023
Complete STU2 Ballot Reconciliation - MAY 2023
Publish STU2 - AUG 2023

FMG Notes